Sushi Ville

Sushi Ville

If you are looking for the best place to eat Sushi in Montreal, you can stop now. At Sushi Ville you will find all varieties of Sushi to delight your palate. We invite you to look up for your ideal Sushi in our menu: Nigiri and Sashimi, Hosomaki, Maki, Futomaki, Sushi Burrito, Spring Makis and more. Take the most Japanese flavors to your mouth. Order Online or by phone for delivery service. You can also come at 9100 Rue Lajeunesse Montreal for pick up.

(514) 388-5920

9100 Rue Lajeunesse Montreal Quebec

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Sushi Ville
Sushi Ville

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Google Reviews
Sushi Ville
Sanaz Ebrahimi

-This restaurant is a gift from the heavens and where I enjoyed the best dinner of my life. Owner, Mike, challeneged our group to go outside our comfort zone by selecting dinner items on our behalf. We had the most incredible oysters with quail eggs, delectable caviar, flavorful bone marrow, an insane deconstructed cheesecake, etc etc -- just wow. Our group fell in love with Mike and his talented team -- they even managed a miracle by winning over the pickiest eater at the table. 100000% recommend this restaurant and look forward to returning when I'm in Montreal!-

Sushi Ville
Sushi Ville
Lily Co

-Staff was great and very friendly! Thank you spending the time to talk with us, it was nice hearing about his experience. I was so hungry I forgot to take photos of the sushi but it was excellent! We tried the 16 pc combo, it’s a good tasting menu but would’ve wanted to try more! The tempura was nice and crispy and not oily. The takoyaki was so fresh it was still alive ? jk-

Sushi Ville
Sushi Ville
Annisa Vincent

-A must try! Amazing selection of authentic and delicious sushi. Each dish is mouthwatering, creatively plated, incredibly fresh and flavourful. Dessert is a must try as well!-

Sushi Ville
Sushi Ville

-Myself from Asia, more exactly from South Korea and travelled at least 4 times to Japan as I remember. Which means I’m from those 2 original and best countries in regards of sushi&sashimi. Surprisingly this place has the real taste! The best ever sushi place I have seen in this country, at least in eastern part of Canada for last 5 years. Staffs are professional, kind and are keeping the place so clean. Impressive!-

Sushi Ville
Sushi Ville

-BEST SUSHI IN MONTREAL, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. I REALLY LOVE THIS PLACE. If you can, I highly recommend eating in their dinning room. You'll experience some high quality customer service and freshly made food. The servers are really nice and are taking care of you by showing you the best items in their menu, according to your needs/taste. As you can see, I took a lot of stuff because EVERYTHING on the menu looked good and I was right! Feeling fancy and want to treat yourself? Please try the legendary Wagyu sliders. A lot of different flavors and texture : you'll experience an amazing UMAMI moment. For the sushis, i recommend the Sake Toro, aka the Salmon Belly. Un pur délice ;) Is it pricier than your usual sushi place? Yes. But hey, you want a good experience, nice people and high quality food? Say less. Go there, thank me later :)-

Sushi Ville